5 Things to Consider Before Investing in a WiFi Network

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Due to the stay-at-home mandates related to COVID-19, WiFi is more important than ever before and property owners are choosing to invest in strong WiFi networks to ensure their guests can get connected.

Designing and installing a WiFi network requires careful planning, along with ongoing maintenance once the network is installed. Before you invest in a WiFi network, here are 5 things to consider:

  1. HOW MUCH INTERNET BANDWIDTH DO YOU NEED? How much internet bandwidth do you need for your property to support the guest experience you want?
  2. WHAT TYPE OF WiFi COVERAGE DO YOU NEED?  How do you ensure the network is covering your business needs, common areas, rentals, and/or desired sites/ lots for your property?  What type of equipment and where should you locate it?  Do you have cameras, point of sales systems, vending machines or anything else needed for connection?
  3. WHAT ARE THE POLE AND ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS? What are the pole sizes and heights that are needed for the WiFi equipment? Do you have licensed electricians who can set up the electrical for each access point?
  4. WHO’S INSTALLING IT? Are you choosing to do it yourself or would you rather have a provider that can take care of the installation work for you?
  5. WHAT KIND OF ONGOING SUPPORT IS NEEDED? What sort of staff, network and guest support is needed to service and maintain a WiFi network?

Interested in getting some expert advice on the right WiFi solution for your property? Call us TODAY for a complimentary WiFi assessment and consultation. Let us help you Get Connected!

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