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CEO Connect – June 2020

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Dear TengoInternet Customer,

For over 19 years, our mission has been consistent: Connecting you for Success. In this season of COVID-19, our employees and you remain our mission.


New projects and premium internet have spiked since Memorial Day – we are definitely part of a big reopening and rebuilding phase even with continued COVID precautions. With the July 4th Holiday approaching, I’m sharing 4 connections I think are relevant:

  • COVID-Related WiFi Relief: Contact us if you need relief and/or support adjustments due to delayed opening dates or operational impact.
  • For anyone rebuilding or re-imagining your internet, WiFi or premium guest connectivity, these are three ideas to do it cost effectively
    • Upgrade Internet Circuit: Faster speeds and at the same or lower price and securely share the circuit with your office for additional savings.
    • Use Financing or a Turnkey Lease: We offer up to 48-mo financing on networks to get you to where you want to be with little upfront cost. Also, with a turnkey lease, we handle it all – Internet Circuit + LAN/WLAN Network + Excellent Support – to deliver a premium service for a simple monthly payment. We can do that for as low as $500.00/mo.
    • Consider Robust Ruckus Access Points: If you are considering adding coverage or upgrading your current equipment for higher performance, Ruckus Access Points offer enhanced coverage, capacity and IoT support.
  • Construction Technology Support: If you are improving, expanding or building from scratch, our new construction consulting and project management services can help with design, coordinate with engineers, electrical contractors and other vendors, all with our infrastructure of the future template.
  • Your TengoInternet Team: We have a mission-focused, value-aligned team of talented, certified, and diverse professionals to help connect you for success. Not only that, but our outstanding team is composed of Women and Men who are Marine/Army/Navy Veterans, whose ethnicities include Caucasian, African American, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans and even South African-Americans. We are proud of our diverse team and working together as a team is particularly meaningful at this time in our country, this July 4th.

We are grateful to be serving you and an industry that is considered by its customers and many government agencies as “essential”. I/We are with you. I feel we are prepared for a long battle and our readiness is high – our rally right now is “keep connecting!”.

Have a reverent and fully operational July Day. God bless you, your families and your work.

Eric Stumberg
CEO of TengoInternet

Tengo Team Collage

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