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Campground & RV Resort WiFi

Outdoor WiFi connectivity for thousands of locations and millions of guests

The Industry Leader in

Campground WiFi & RV Resorts

Serving Campgrounds and RV Resorts. Wireless connectivity for thousands of locations and millions of guests.

Delivering Full-Service WiFi to Campgrounds and RV Resorts

How we Serve the Stewards of our Parks

Case Study

TengoInternet Develops a New Tiered Pricing Model for WiFi Service that can provide “at home” quality WiFi service that can be affordable for both property management & guests.

Custom WiFi Solutions

Custom Tailored Solutions

No matter the circumstance – tree coverage, challenging topography, noise interference, or a lake in the middle of your property, Tengo has a customized WiFi solution for you.

Simplified Campground WiF Management

WiFi Management

Managing your staff and guests’ experience as well as property grounds can be taxing. Why add managing and maintaining your Internet Circuit & WiFi network to your list of tasks?

Customer WiFi Support

24/ 7 Guest Support

WiFi expectations are increasing year over year with the rise of the modern traveler. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help your valued guests get connected and stay connected.

Turnkey WiFi features for RV Resorts, Campgrounds, and Communities

Mobile Optimization
We’ll ensure your guests stay connected with a mobile optimized network, allowing them to roam from one end of the resort to the other with their mobile device always connected.

Streaming Capabilities
Modern travelers don’t just want to tell scary ghost stories; they want to stream them around a campfire. With sufficient bandwidth, Tengo networks can provide streaming quality WiFi.

Bandwidth Shaping
Not every traveler has the same bandwidth needs, but no single user should be allowed consume the entire network. TengoInternet will advise you through the process and set appropriate limits for your valued guests and your RV park WiFi.

ISP Sourcing
Finding the right ISP is critical to the success of every WiFi network. At TengoInternet, we leverage our relationships with the nation’s leading ISPs to bring the best bandwidth to support your outdoor WiFi at the lowest price.

Leading Names in RV & Camping Trust Tengo

Leading Names in RV & Camping Trust Tengo

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