The 3 Keys to Great Outdoor WiFi

By January 31, 2020 No Comments

Most people think fast internet = great WiFi. But did you know there are actually 3 keys to having great outdoor WiFi at your property? Here they are:

  1. Internet Circuit – First and foremost, you must have adequate internet circuit or bandwidth for your property. Not having enough internet bandwidth is like having a pie that serves 10 people, at a dinner party for 20.
  2. Network Design and Equipment – Great WiFi networks take into account terrain like trees or mountains, building materials and other factors that could affect signal strength. It also means choosing the right equipment based on the number of sites and guest occupancy, and determining if you want property-wide WiFi, or for the WiFi to only be available at certain areas.
  3. Service and Support – Even with a great internet circuit and a great network, you still need expert support to help guests connect, to monitor/ troubleshoot systems and fix any problems. An excellent WiFi provider will provide onsite support, manage software and firmware issues, handle all guest calls 24/7 and will warrant your network for the life of the relationship.

While this is a summarized version of what you’ll need for an excellent WiFi network, it is our belief that these 3 keys are essential to building a network that will meet guest expectations and serve your property well. Therefore, when you’re looking for the right WiFi solution, it’s important to take a holistic view so that you can ensure you are tackling the challenge from all angles.

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