Streaming – What Your Guests Want

By July 30, 2019 No Comments

Did you know WiFi is now considered the 4th utility alongside water, electricity and gas? Guests these days expect to be connected wherever they go. This means expecting that property-wide WiFi can accommodate web browsing, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu and more!

Now that you know what your guests expect of WiFi and have ensured enough bandwidth coming to your property, the next step to a great WiFi experience is the network design. This requires more than simply plugging in a wireless router to a modem and broadcasting a signal across a series of repeaters. For an excellent WiFi network, you’ll want to ensure that your WiFi network is both mobile device friendly AND capable of handling today’s bandwidth demands.

Keep in mind that a mobile-friendly design has:

  • Dense access point placement
  • Full coverage with roaming

When choosing the right network for your property, you’ll also want to consider Access Point Placement and the type of equipment. Some common brands include Ubiquity, Meraki or Ruckus which range in price and capacity. Once you’ve taken into account the type of streaming you want to provide, the internet bandwidth you have in place, and your budget for the equipment, you’ll be much closer to determining the right solution for your property.

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