Does Your Property Have Enough Internet Bandwidth?

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Did you know the average person now has 3 devices – a laptop, tablet and smartphone? In fact, nearly one-in-five American households are “hyper-connected” meaning they have 10 or more devices! And they want to stream. In fact, the 2019 KOA North American Camping Report states that 48% of campers say the use of technology enhances their camping experience!

Your WiFi network is simply the distribution of the internet circuit that users can connect to wirelessly. It’s critical to ensure that there’s enough bandwidth coming in to serve your guests at the experience they want. A well-designed WiFi network without sufficient Internet bandwidth is like a gold-plated nozzle without a hose. Therefore, to build a great guest experience, you first need to look at the internet feeding into your property.

How do you determine the right amount of internet bandwidth for your property?  Here are some great questions to start:

  • How many sites are at your property?
  • What kind of guests do you serve?
  • What quality of WiFi service do you want to provide to those guests?

As a property operator, you’ll want to make sure the internet bandwidth you have supports your guest expectations with all the devices and streaming. Right now, the recommended minimum internet circuit to support streaming would equal 1Mb per site, however it’s still advisable to speak with a WiFi consultant when determining how much bandwidth you’ll need.

The main thing to remember is that a good WiFi network requires sufficient internet bandwidth. Without that, it’s like having a car without gas – and who wants a car that can’t drive them anywhere?

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