ISP & WiFi: What’s the Difference?

ISP & WiFi: What’s the Difference?

ISP & WiFi are often used interchangeably. In fact, they are quite different, yet imperative for a successful Wireless Network deployment.

The ISP, Internet Service Provider, is the internet source, or bandwidth, that comes into a home, business, or resort and it’s delivered from a variety of sources including Cable, Fiber, DSL, Satelite, and even 56K phone line connections.

Do you remember those awful screeching noises your computer made when you were connecting to AOL back in 1999? That was your internet connecting! Today it’s seamless thanks to WiFi networks.

WiFi simply takes that internet signal provided and disperses throughout a geographic area.  For instance, your wireless router “routes” the WiFi throughout your home.  We use our networks to “route” internet wirelessly through an expansive environment, such as an RV resort, campground, or hotel.

Therefore Internet Service Providers, ISP, provide the internet to a location, WiFi providers (TengoInternet) take that internet (bandwidth) and route it through an outdoor environment or structure (Campus or Hotel).

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  • It was interesting to read that routers just facilitate wifi throughout the home or over larger geographical areas. I’ve never really bothered to learn much about how the internet actually works so this was great for me. Thanks for explaining a bit how this all works!

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