COVID-19 and Connectivity – Remote School and Work

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COVID-19 has changed our lives in a multitude of ways. Besides millions of people shifting to remote work, millions of families and children have adjusted to remote or online schooling.

As RV travel has become the preferred, safer, method of traveling, many property owners are meeting the demand of guests needing to use their WiFi networks for school and work, in addition to leisure and entertainment. In fact, a recent KOA North American Camping Report COVID special report states that a third of leisure travelers who have not camped before say that they are now interested in camping. Here are a few things property owners are looking at to ensure Robust WiFi connectivity to meet needs in the time of COVID-19 and beyond:

  1. Set Online Expectations. With more first time travelers and travelers with work and/ or school requirements, set expectations about the internet – “full coverage”, “streaming”, etc.
  2. “Zoom” your Internet Circuit. Zoom and other video conferencing usage is up 250% over last year across our WiFi networks. Video conferencing uses the upload portion of your internet circuit – so if you have a cable internet circuit which has lower upload speeds, you’ll want to upgrade to meet or keep up with this new trend.
  3. Enhance your Coverage. Enhance coverage/indoor experience for RV, VR’s and Clubhouses to support virtual work and school connectivity – Clubhouse or Property-wide. For Millennials, complimentary WiFi is more important than the booking price.

Need help meeting the WiFi demands of your guests? Call us today or click here to schedule an appointment to speak with a Solutions Specialist about your WiFi network. We want you to Get Connected!

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