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CEO Connect – May 2021

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Dear TengoInternet Customer,

As a Military Friendly Employer with 19 years of service to the camping industry, many of our employees have raised both a flag pole and a WiFi tower (see picture).  We look forward to supporting your reverent, fully occupied, fully connected, and fun Memorial Day!


Build Premium Connectivity, VRs in Particular. Premium internet usage increased 89% from 2019 to 2020, and we’re seeing 78% increase this year. With the Premium expectations from COVID being the new normal – make sure your WiFi plans support streaming and Zoom/VPN in particular; and your WiFi, vacation rentals, and indoor coverage supports all the phone, tablet, and IoT devices (streaming devices, smart TVs, cameras, gaming consoles, etc.)

Mitigate Construction/Design Cost Impacts. If you’re expanding or building new, ask about our financing or design options to extend your capital expenditure dollars.

Technical Diligence. A number of our customers are considering accelerating plans to buy or sell properties in response to potential changes in tax code. If we can help with technical diligence or transition planning, let us know.

Meet Consumer Streaming Requirements. We’re seeing a 101% increase in Premium Internet usage. To support consumer streaming for video conferencing and company VPN, you need a minimum speed of 5Mb x 1Mbps (Premium).

Finally, We Are Ready to Serve This Memorial Day. During this holiday weekend, our team is here for you. To ensure your WiFi network experience is excellent, we want to remind you that we are here to assist you with your guests and with your network.

We are grateful to be serving you and our industry – let’s keep connecting!  And if we need to better connect you for success, let me know so we can.

God bless you, your families and your work.


Eric Stumberg
CEO of TengoInternet


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