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CEO Connect – May 2020

By May 15, 2020 No Comments

Dear TengoInternet Customer,

For over 19 years, our mission has been consistent: Connecting you for Success. In this season of COVID-19, our employees and you remain our mission.

I visited my 89 year old mom last Sunday – it had been three weeks since I last saw her. Having to sit in the driveway and talk to her through a screen and not touch, hug or be hugged by her was tough. As a woman who lived in the Great Depression, through wars, lost a child, lost her husband (my dad) and still has a deep faith, she said simply, “You just have to adjust with what’s needed. This will pass.”

As we approach Memorial Day, the national outlook, our industry and the Tengo outlook have shifted to reopening in a safe way vs sheltering in place. That shift to “opening” will require operational effort and agility for you – property openings, reopenings, amenities, checklist – we continuing to adjust to support you.


Four headlines I think are worth sharing:

  • ARVC Reopening Toolkit: Great resource to reopen your campground.,-Your-Employees-and-Campers#reopen
  • Robust Internet: One of the key trends we highlighted at ARVC is accelerating in the time of COVID – Internet usage is skyrocketing and PayTV subscribers are declining. The implications are a consumer desire for faster internet but less PayTV.
    • Internet Data: Broadband usage is driven by working from home, closing of public amenities and video stream – broadband usage levels are up 47% year-over-year in the first quarter, according to a report by OpenVault. And The percentage of subscribers who are power users increased 138% over the same quarter a year ago.
    • PayTV Industry lost 2.15million subscribers – AT&T and Comcast lost 1.15 million PayTV subscribers alone – continues to decline due to the lack of sports and unemployment. Q2’20 is expected to be worse.
  • COVID Related WiFi Relief:
    • Contact us if you need relief and/or support adjustments due to delayed opening dates or operational impact.
    • Contact us if you need to upgrade your internet service. We are helping increase internet circuit speeds (most time at the same cost) and offering zero-upfront payment terms for customers needing or wanting to make network improvements now.
    • Aura, the Apple award-winning app for mindfulness & sleep, and Tengo Internet have partnered to offer free 6-month subscriptions to TengoInternet team and its customers. Aura is “Spotify for mindfulness”, providing thousands of mindfulness meditations, life coaching, and stories from the world’s best coaches. Redeem the offer at with code: “TENGOTEAM”

We are grateful to be serving you and an industry that is considered by its customers and many government agencies as “essential”. I/We are with you. I feel we are prepared for a long battle and our readiness is high – our rally right now is “keep connecting!”.

God bless you, your families and your work.

Eric Stumberg
CEO of TengoInternet