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CEO Connect – April 2020

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Dear TengoInternet Customer,

For over 19 years, our mission has been consistent: Connecting you for Success. In this season of COVID-19, our employees and you remain our mission.


We had a company all-hands meeting with our employees last week and I wanted to share these highlights with you:

  • Our Network Support and Guest Support are still operating at full capacity
  • Our nationwide field support for onsite repairs, upgrades and new projects is operational, but has required agility to navigate changing local & state mandates. For example, we are driving RV’s vs flying to complete certain projects – good for our team and our customers.
  • Customer conversations. No surprises, but the volatility of opening days, short-term stays and operations adjustments across the company have impacted each of you and our industry. Lots of good resources – ARVC COVID-19 Resources, KOA’s O’Rourke: Parks Need to ‘Pivot” with the Times.
    • “We will survive, and for that we are grateful. The business will not do well at all this year, but could be worse. I know a lot of places that are really going to struggle to make it. Things are definitely going to look different for a while.”
    • “It could be worse we could all be running restaurants.”
    • “We are doing well. We have not experienced any difficulties.”
    • “Sucks to basically need to borrow money equal to what it would cost to purchase a park just to get through a crisis not of our own making.”
  • Some things we are doing to help:
    • Delivering excellent service and support – with extra attention to our communications and promise-keeping
    • Offering relief and/or support adjustments for our impacted customers
    • Offering zero-upfront payment terms for customers needing or wanting to make network improvements now

We are grateful to be serving you and an industry that is considered by its customers and many government agencies as “essential”. I/We are with you. I feel we are prepared for a long battle and our readiness is high – our rally right now is “keep connecting!”.

Until next month, may God bless you, your family and your business.

Eric Stumberg and Son wearing mask

Eric Stumberg
CEO of TengoInternet

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