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CEO Connect – January 2021

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Dear TengoInternet Customer,

Happy New Year! We hope your new year is starting well.

This month represents the 19th anniversary of TengoInternet – since January of 2002, our mission has been consistent: Connecting You for Success according to our values.


As we kick off the winter season, we are seeing increased WiFi usage, hearing that Canadian cancellations are being rebooked by northern US customers (at least in Florida), hearing that some of you are still having staffing challenges, seeing Premium Internet built into new properties/expansions and starting to see more upgrades of existing WiFi solutions – even with high occupancy rates. Four quick highlights:

  • Premium Internet in New Construction. We are seeing much more fiber-to-the-access point and ethernet-to-the-pedestal implementations to support Premium Internet speeds up to 50Mbps. This trend started in 2019 and is accelerating into 2021. This robust connectivity also allows operators to cut-the-cord on cable TV programming fees.
  • Premium WiFi Upgrades. “Why should I upgrade WiFi/internet when I have full occupancy?” This is a great question. “I want to make WiFi a 5-star service, and not a 4-letter word” – was the best quote I heard this month. The best answers we’ve heard from operators who are investing in Premium Internet:
    1. To meet the needs of guests who are working or schooling on the road in the new normal of COVID
    2. Increase guest ratings and reduce complaints
    3. Support rate increases with tangible amenity improvements
    4. Tie with other operational projects for cost leverage (site expansions, electrical upgrade, security camera, cable TV renewals, internet circuit renewal savings, etc.)
  • 2021 Property Planning. We’ve been holding account plan calls with many of you to adjust for 2021. Reply here to schedule an account plan call for your property (guest experience, internet circuits, site expansions, vacation rentals, support plan changes, enhanced coverage are a few of the improvements).
  • Reminder on Consumer Expectations:
    • Meet Consumer Streaming Requirements. We’re seeing a 101% increase in Premium Internet usage. To support consumer streaming for video conferencing and company VPN, you need a minimum speed of 5Mb x 1Mbps (Premium).
    • Set Clear Consumer Expectations. If you don’t have property-wide outdoor and indoor coverage with streaming, then set expectations on your website to meet the needs of families working and schooling from your property.

We are grateful to be serving you and an industry that is considered by its customers as “essential”. Let’s keep connecting! And if we need to better connect you for success, let me know so we can.

God bless you, your families and your work.


Eric Stumberg
CEO of TengoInternet


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