How to Use WiFi to Boost Your Guest Reviews

By December 22, 2020 No Comments

Guest reviews, particularly with sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp and Campground Reviews, are the main way people decide if they want to stay at a property, particularly for millennials. A recent KOA blog states that almost five million people think of themselves as digital nomads, and many RV Campgrounds recognize the importance of providing guests with great internet connectivity. Here a some ways you can use WiFi to boost your guest reviews:

  1. Set Expectations. It’s important to be honest about the type of WiFi experience you provide. Simply saying “WiFi” isn’t enough, as many people will expect that to mean that they can surf the internet, check Facebook AND stream Hulu and Netflix. If you’re only able to provide moderate connectivity suited for web surfing, be explicit about that so guests aren’t disappointed when they arrive.
  2. Increase Social Media Monitoring and add Guest Support. If you’re able to catch a bad review shortly after it’s posted, you may be able to reach out to the guest and resolve their issue quickly, which might result in them changing their review to be more favorable. Partner with a WiFi vendor who provides Guest Support, guests are able to reach out to a support representative 24/7 for device troubleshooting. This means their connectivity issues are resolved quickly, preventing frustrations that could lead to negative online reviews.
  3. Offer Excellent Internet/WiFi. Having a great WiFi network is one more thing your guests can rave about in their online reviews.

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