Best Practices for Outdoor and Indoor WiFi Coverage

By March 1, 2021 No Comments

WiFi coverage standards are increasing to meet connectivity requirements of RVers – whether in an RV, rental or common area. Here are 3 tips for providing great outdoor and indoor WiFi coverage to your guests:

  1. Outdoor WiFi Coverage. A property designed outdoor WiFi network signal should penetrate MOST RVs. You’ll want to ensure the network signal strength is at least -65dBm to the site (and ideally -63 dBm for SmartTV devices).
  2. Indoor WiFi Coverage. If you have cabins, park models, cottages or other permanent units with metal roofs, you’ll want to consider dedicated wireless routers or access points that you can bring inside the unit, ensuring a better connection experience.
  3. Set Clear WiFi Expectations. When guests hear that you have WiFi, they will likely assume that the coverage will be similar to what they have at home. You’ll want to set coverage expectations so they know what to expect before they arrive.

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