How WiFi Works

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WiFi is the technology that allows a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet or other WiFi-capable device to connect at high speed to the internet without the need for a physical wired connection.

Here are 3 things you should know when it comes to WiFi:

  1. Internet Circuit vs. WiFi. An internet circuit is an internet connection like fiber, cable, DSL line, or even satellite, provided by an internet service provider (ISP) such as AT&T, Spectrum or Comcast. The internet circuit determines the maximum capacity that the devices using a network (office computers, VoIP phones and guests) can obtain. The WiFi network is the way that the internet circuit is shared wirelessly with all the devices on a property.
  2. WiFi Signal Strength and Your Internet Bandwidth. The WiFi signal strength is the quality of the wireless signal connection to each site or device trying to connect – the higher the strength, the better the connection. Your internet bandwidth is the download speeds and upload speeds of your internet circuit – that is shared with the WiFi devices. The higher the bandwidth and the better the signal strength, the faster the guest plans and the more reliable the guest experience can be.
  3. Best Types of Circuits for WiFi. The 2 most common types of internet circuits are Cable and Fiber. Fiber-optic internet circuits deliver the fastest and most reliable internet connection, with the same upload and download speeds which are guaranteed. While cable can also reach fast speeds, cable circuit speeds are not typically guaranteed and have significantly lower upload speeds. Therefore we recommend going to fiber whenever economically possible.

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