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July CEO Connect

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Dear TengoInternet Family,

I hope this update finds you well.

July highlights: One of our California customers sold its property and the new owner did not retain TengoInternet’s services.  During the transition, however, the local WISP(Wireless Internet Service Provider) serving the property learned that the new owner was not continuing service and shut off the VOIP phones and the T-1 on July 1st.  As mentioned, the new owner was not continuing service with Tengo either, but the fiber circuit we provided was operational and available. To help out in the emergency, Tengo deployed a technician to run conduit to the offices and restore telecommunication services to the property.  Our operational agility saved the July 4th Holiday for the property and their guests. Additionally, it regained us a customer! I really like this story, as it lives out our mission of helping our customers serve their guests, staff, and operations.  

As mentioned last month, we are implementing the new login page design this quarter. Developing service level offerings and  implementing a WiFi “State of the Industry” survey for our customers and Woodalls Campground Management (the premier news magazine for RV Park and campground owners).  We’ll have an update with further details on this next month for you.

Personal note: I enjoyed a great customer trip to Michigan, presented to the Lake Chemung Resort HOA board (among other customers) and had a family camping trip to upstate New York with my family; nothing like enjoying nature with a 5yr old! See below for pictures of the trip.

Key thoughts for your consideration:

WiFi State of the Industry:  As part of TengoInternet’s analysis for multi-property owners, we found two significant findings.

  1. There is a direct correlation between their ISP type/ speed and their Net Promoter Score (NPS).  It may seem obvious, but fast fiber connections correlated to the highest NPS consumer scores. (followed by cable/coax and T-1 respectively).

  2. There is a direct correlation between the NPS rating and the equipment type – Ruckus (802.11ac), Meraki and Ubiquity – in rank order.

  3. Click Here to have an account manager send you scoring information or to receive recommendations on how to improve your guest experience. 

WiFi in the News:  

  • We saw a 33% increase in July-2016 devices over last year due to occupancy and multiple device consumers

  • Seeing a Rise of WiFi TV’s, Game Consoles and Other WiFi devices – now 3% of devices

  • Implications: Interior coverage for Cabins and park models is critical; family plans for WiFi and increasing your internet and WiFi capacity to support the load will differentiate your business.

Customer Net Promoter Scores:  Thank you for your continued participation. The scores are used to serve you better and evaluate my performance. Also, your feedback & comments directly influence our strategic planning — we hear you!

Connecting you for success by delivering simplified wireless solutions, that is our promise.  If you are not having a fantastic wireless experience at your property, please click here to email me directly so we can make it so.

I hope to see or hear from you soon.  Until next month, my God bless you, your family and business.

High Ground,
Eric Stumberg
Co-Founder| CEO

P.S. see below for pictures:

Eric Stumberg, CEO of TengoInternet with family

Ericson son of TengoInternet's CEO Eric Stumberg