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March 2016 CEO Connect

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Dear Tengo Family,

I hope this email finds you well!

As a follow up to last month, we began our Customer Net Promoter Survey (cNPS) last week. If you received an email invitation to participate in the survey, please be sure to complete it if you haven’t already. I use your feedback as one of the primary ways I keep score of my leadership.

The key findings thus far:

  • Tengo Positives
    1. We are seeing improvements in customer satisfaction as we upgrade our customers’ legacy equipment
    2. Our support team continues to provide solid support to our customers
    3. We continue to deliver prompt service
  • Tengo Improvements
    1. We need to continue to work to reduce customer costs
    2. We need to improve in service request follow-ups and
    3. We need to improve in expectation setting during the selling process
  • Capital Expenditure planning
    1. Customers are looking at expanding sites
    2. Others are working on deferred maintenance & repairs
    3. While some are looking into WiFi improvements

For recent service enhancements:

  1. We developed a new network controller for high capacity networks that is deploying to 30 select networks over March and April.
  2. Due to your feedback, we have been putting a strong emphasis on an excellent guest experience. Beyond better WiFi service, we are focusing on setting better guest expectations (with respect to basic or streaming speeds, with mobile friendly or partial coverage).
  3. A cross-functional team has been working diligently to improve and streamline the process for logging into our networks.
  4. We are expanding our customer support staff to better serve your needs in a timely manner.

On the family front, my wife Kerri and her sister visited orphanages in India from March 11-19th (see the redhead in the pictures at the bottom of the newsletter!), and I had a week of solo-dad time with Ericson, see his winner’s return from a sure strike in the picture below!

Quick hits from my Desk:

  • WiFi in the News:
    • Hotel chains rated by WiFi, quality/free, will be coming to the RV industry, click here to learn more.
    • The not so secret cable to WiFi tradeoff, one-in-three home routers will have the hotspot functionality providing dual-use by 2017, click here to learn more.
    • New Internet-by-satellite to help the “slow WiFi” skies, this same satellite will be available for rural campgrounds, exciting! Click here, for more information.
    • WiFi in Cuba? Google says, YES! Read more here.
  • Design standards: A customer asked me, “how do I make sure my guest’s devices can connect?” The answer is that -60dDm is the lowest signal reading you want for a good mobile device connection. When you are designing a network or surveying after a network has been installed, check the readings on your heat map to ensure that aren’t gaps in your WiFi coverage.
  • RV Industry Guest Experience Standards Accelerating: We continue to see fruit from asking a simple question, “What experience do you want your guests to receive?” AB Camping, KOA-Corporate, Sun Communities, Sunland, and many independent properties are embracing WiFi standards. Good Sam will be implementing a ratings change in 2017 in which WiFi will be a critical factor. If getting high ratings or keeping your current ratings is important, let’s talk.

Connecting you for Success. Guaranteed. This is our promise and what we strive to achieve every day. Your feedback is invaluable to us. If we are not connecting you for success, please let me know. Click here to email me directly.

I hope to see or hear from you soon. Until next month, may God bless and favor you, your families, and your businesses.

TengoInternet, Inc.

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