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July CEO Connect

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Dear Tengo Family,

I hope this update finds you well, refreshed physically, and excited about the day we celebrate our independence as a country and many of you host many of those celebrants!

Tengo made significant progress in May/June! To better serve you, we added new team members to provide technical and customer support services & initiated a service delivery and project management audit to make sure we are delivering on our promises. Additionally, we achieved our largest Ruckus deployment to-date, resolved a Ruckus firmware bug impacting some of our customers, and will be launching a redesigned website in early July.

On a personal note, Father’s Day is especially meaningful this year – I am grateful for my dad and to be Ericson’s dad (see our matching shirts in the image below).

Key thoughts for your consideration:

  • WiFi State of the Industry: As previously stated, we began surveying various state association members and are working with leading franchisors to craft industry standards for Wifi Networks. Additionally, we are working with several properties to ensure our WiFi solution scoring methodology appropriately represents industry insights and customer requirements. If you are a current customer, please Click Here to have your account manager send you WiFi network scoring information. If you are not a Tengo customer, but would like to have your wireless system assessed and scored, please visit our contact page Here to to schedule a complimentary WiFi evaluation.
  • WiFi ROI: If you are looking for a way to make WiFi pay for itself, see the new education video we created to see if it’s a fit for you – CLICK HERE.
  • WiFi in the News: WiFi continues to improve and grow – there are over Seven billion devices and counting, Click Here to learn more about how WiFi continues to evolve and stay relevant.
    • Ruckus expands its Wave 2 products for incredibly dense deployments. To learn more, Click Here.
  • Customer Acknowledgements: Thanks for the great direct feedback from Aaron C, Kathy C, Jeff, Shaun B, Carla J, Eric J, Greg S, Harry, Scott F, Paul G, Ken M, Mike B, Carolyn S (our first cord cutter), Frank N. and Bud (our 3rd customer from 2003 who we are still serving). I had lunch earlier this week with Jim Rowley, our first customer, and customer since September of 2002.
  • Customer Net Promoter Scores: Thank you for your continued participation. I receive all the scores & comments as they directly influence our strategic planning. We will be sending the next customer net promoter surveys in early July.

Connecting you for success by delivering simplified wireless solutions, that is our promise and what we strive to do every day and your feedback is invaluable. If you are not having a fantastic wireless experience at your property, please email me directly at

I hope to see or hear from you soon. Until next month, my God bless you, your family and your work.

High Ground,

Eric Stumberg
Co-Founder| CEO

CEO TengoInternet Eric Stumberg with Son