Internet Circuit vs. WiFi – What’s the Difference?

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Most every camper wants robust internet and WiFi. In fact, the 2019 KOA North American Camping Report states that 48% of campers say the use of technology enhances their camping experience!

An excellent WiFi experience takes three things: an excellent internet connection, an excellent WiFi network and excellent support. All of these three have to work for an excellent WiFi experience.

What does this mean for you?

Here are the 3 most common scenarios when it comes to WiFi and Internet Circuit:

Internet circuit vs. WiFi

  1. Limited Network – Robust Internet Circuit, but Limited WiFi Network. You have more than enough internet bandwidth, but your network is older generation equipment that cannot process the fast speeds and/or doesn’t fully cover the property, resulting in poor guest experiences.
  2. Limited Circuit – Robust WiFi Network, but Limited Internet Circuit.  You have up-to-date equipment, but not enough internet circuit for the size and occupancy of your property. This results in there not being enough bandwidth to go around, which means not all your guests will be able to connect.
  3. Limited Support – Robust WiFi Network and Robust Internet Circuit. You’ve got up-to-date equipment and great internet bandwidth, but your guests have older generation devices and you are unable to accurately troubleshoot and root cause, resulting in them not being able to connect.

When it comes to excellent WiFi at your property, it takes multiple factors to ensure your guests are happy and connected. Unsure if you’ve got all the components for a great WiFi network? Call us today to discuss your WiFi needs and get recommendations. We can help you Get Connected!

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