How do I configure my computer to use TengoInternet service?

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Steps to connect to the internet:

1. Turn on your computer or restart if it is on standby.
2. Enable your WiFi adapter and make sure it is turned on.
3. Connect to the TengoInternet WiFi network.

– Windows XP: Right-click on the wireless connection icon in your system tray, next to the clock, and left-click on “View Available Wireless Networks”.

– Windows Vista: Click Start then click “Connect to”.

– Windows 7: Open Connect to a Network by clicking the network icon or in the system tray.

– Mac OS X: Click the Airport icon on your menu bar.

4. Select the TengoInternet Network and Click “Connect”
5. Open your browser (example: Internet Explorer)

Note: If the welcome page does not appear, erase everything in the address bar and type:

6. Follow On-screen instructions to register and access the internet.
7. Login if you are an existing TengoInternet customer.

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