How can I increase my signal strength?

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Place your wireless adapter or PC (if you have an internal wireless adapter) close to a window (preferably one facing the hearest WiFi antenna). – Open curtains or blinds (aspecially aluminum blinds). – Remove any metallic window coverings (such as windshield sun blockers) as metallic items will reflect the signal away from you. – Contact your wireless device manufacturer or computer manufacturer for instructions on maximizing the transmit power output of your wireless adapter and disabling the default power save option that are intended to extend laptop battery life and limit the effective range of your wireless device. – Also, interface from microwaves, cordless telephones, trees and personal wireless routers can prevent you from getting a clear signal as well, so try to limit these factors if at all possible. – If you are using your laptop’s built-in WiFi adapter and relocation of the computer does not resolve your connection challenge, consider purchasing an external adapter. External adapters such as those made by Engenius are more suited for an outdoor WiFi environment. – External WiFi adapters have 3-5 times the power of internal adapters and allow you to move the adapter or place it in a window to maximize signal transmission without having to move your computer. Built-in internal wireless adapters are designed by computer manufacturers for use in interior environments like conference rooms at the office, inside your home, or at a coffee shop. We recommend the HField WiFire USB wireless adapter. You can purchase the Wifire at and other online retailers.

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