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CEO Connect – November 2021

By November 24, 2021 No Comments

Dear TengoInternet Partner,

Happy Thanksgiving!  I returned from attending three conventions over the last three weeks – in Orlando, ARVC in Raleigh, and KOA in Baton Rouge – and had the energizing opportunity to speak with over 60 customers and a number of industry professionals.  On the eve of the holiday and our 20th anniversary, I am grateful and privileged to know and serve you!

Four Things Going Into the Holiday

Tengo Network Management App

An industry first, we launched the Tengo Network Management App to put the power of Tengo into the hands of site personnel – providing easy-to-access status, insights, and support.

Year-to-Date Statistics

    • “Premium Internet” is increasing to a minimum guest speed of 7Mbps x 1.5Mbps
    • Accelerated demand for Premium Internet to support work and school from anywhere (and streaming) – Premium Internet connections (>7Mbps) grew 71% YoY with the fastest WiFi = 50Mbps
    • Multiple Devices: Average 1.71 devices per site. Leading “other devices” are smart TVs/Roku, gaming consoles, and indoor cameras. All those devices need to connected for the guest to be happy.
    • Cable TV Programming: With rising consumer streaming demand, seeing more “cutting the cord” in cable TV/programming for new properties and WiFi retrofits.


We’re seeing a lot more interest for security cameras to combat bad behavior. I just spoke with a manager in Arizona combating a “pooping” bandit!

We Are Ready to Serve This Thanksgiving Holiday

During this holiday, our team is here for you. To ensure your WiFi network experience is excellent, we want to remind you that we are here to assist you with your guests and with your network.

God bless you, your families and your work.  Let’s keep connecting!


Eric Stumberg
CEO of TengoInternet