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August CEO Connect

By September 7, 2016 No Comments

Dear Tengo Family,

I hope this note finds you well as you return from your Labor Day weekend. 

August Highlights:
  • TengoInternet hired Jennifer Majors, our newest Customer Success Manager to help serve our larger and multiple property owners. Please join me in welcoming her aboard as she will immediately impact how we serve you, our valued customers. 
  • Our website has been relaunched to reflect better our brand, solutions, and customers served, see and be sure to view our educational video blogs!
  • Thanks to you detailed and informative feedback, we are on track for the new login page launch & customizations in October; we look forward to delivering this updated service to you.

Service Excellence:

  • My family and I enjoyed our last summer trip to Wyoming before the start of Kindergarten.  Ericson and I “climbed” our first mountain via a summer ski lift, which enabled him to start Kindergarten with a renewed vigor in exploration!See below for a picture of us “mountain climbing.”
  • I am deeply saddened by the passing of my wife’s 83-year-old grandmother Gloria on August 25th.  However, we have peace that she in a better place we’ll see her again soon.

Key thoughts for your consideration:

  • TengoInternet will be featured in an upcoming report that will aid in transforming consumer WiFi expectations and show the state of campground WiFi in the largest industry survey to-date. Additionally, this report will highlight descriptions of WiFi service as well as interviews with several owner/operators. Congratulations and thank you to Anaheim RV Resort, Holiday TravL, KOA Sault Saint Marie, KOA Petaluma, Quality RV Resorts, Sundermeier RV Resort, & Sun Communities for your recent participation. Click Here to have a Customer Success Manager send your WiFi Guest Experience Score to receive recommendations on how to improve your guest experience.

WiFi in the News:

  • WiFi Messaging: If your website advertises WiFi without addressing your property’s WiFi capabilities, then the guest will likely bring an at home wireless expectation. It is important to address your properties WiFi capabilities to ensure guests don’t feel disappointed or deceived when a pure at home experience is not delivered. We recommend updating your messaging on your marketing materials to manage expectations better. Here are some recommended terms to use. When representing how much coverage you have use “Full Coverage”, “Partial Coverage”, and “Hotspot”. When representing your price use “Free”, “Complimentary”, or “Paid”.  To better set expectations of speed and quality use “basic” or “Premium/Streaming.”
  • WiFi meets Guests Expectations: Detroit Lions add WiFi to stem season ticket cancellations,Click here to learn more. See this quote from Patriots Owner Robert Kraft, “There’s and expectation from fans. Being connected through their device is their expectation whether it’s music or sports.  They want to download information to enhance what they’re doing; they want to share with friends. They want to be connected with the outside world.  If you don’t have good connectivity, it might not destroy the event, but it detracts from it.”
  • Indoor WiFi Coverage: Your feedback from last month’s CEO Connect warrants a second mention of interior WiFi coverage.  It is critical that cabins and park models have interior WiFi coverage, particularly if you are adding new sites after your WiFi has been installed. Click hereyou’re interested in learning more.
  • Customer Reviews: Thank you for your continued participation in our August customer survey. The scores are used to serve you better and evaluate my performance as a CEO.  Also, your feedback & comments directly influence our strategic planning – We hear you!

Connecting you for success that is our promise.  If you are not having a fantastic wireless experience at your property, please Click Here to email me directly and we’ll work to make it so!

I hope to see or heart from you soon. Until next month, may God bless you, your family, and your business.

Eric Stumberg


TengoInternet, Inc.


“Authentic Mountain Climbers”

Eric and Ericson Mountain Climbing!