Location: New Port Richey, Florida
Industry: Outdoor Hospitality
Property: A lakeside resort in suburban Tampa, Florida, Orchid Lake RV Resort caters to active retirees who increasingly rely on the Internet, particularly for email and social media, and expect reliable WiFi service at the properties where they stay.

“Working with Tengo just makes good business sense.“ – Kyle Hunneycutt, Vice President of Operations

Increasing Expectations

As one of the Florida Gulf Coast’s premiere RV destinations dedicated to active retirees, Orchid Lake RV Resort has a well-established reputation for understanding and delivering on its guests’ needs. So when the demand for WiFi began to grow, the resort quickly built a network to serve the need. A basic network managed by internal IT resources worked initially, but as demand increased and Internet usage grew exponentially, the network was insufficient to meet guest expectations.

Time spent maintaining the network and supporting technical issues meant overextended internal resources and a measurable negative effect on operations. It quickly became apparent to the management team they needed an experienced WiFi partner. TengoInternet’s long history of successful implementations and consultative approach to understanding Orchid Lake’s immediate and long-term business needs made Tengo the right fit.

In the summer of 2013, Tengo installed a complete, mobile-optimized WiFi network for Orchid Lake, which fully met its guests’ WiFi needs.

“WiFi is an amenity our guests expect, and we tried doing it ourselves but consistently had coverage and support issues. Working with Tengo just makes good business sense. They have the experience, knowledge and resources to do it right—now and in the long-term as technology and guests’ needs evolve. It gives us the time to focus on what we do best and the confidence that we’re delivering on our standards of service in all areas. It’s been one of the best and most-effective decisions we’ve made.” Kyle Hunneycutt, Vice President of Operations

Tengo also provides guest technical support, tools to market the service to guests, and network monitoring and management. In addition to the day-to-day operational support, Tengo’s backend tools allow Orchid Lake RV Resort and Tengo to gauge usage trends and apply that data to planning for system upgrades and changes that continually meet the resort’s long- and short-term financial and operational goals.

Several months after the successful implementation at Orchid Lake, its management group upgraded the network at a second location, Holiday Springs Resort, a 230-site park it owns in nearby in Spring Hill, Florida.