The Power of Tengo Extended to You

Simplifying your WiFi experience and management.  We're extending the power of Tengo to you with the new TengoInternet Network Manager App!  Managing a property is challenging enough.  Managing your WiFi should be easy.

Get help on the go

Quickly get help by creating or updating a ticket right in the app.  Get connected to our team when you need it.

See insights instantly

See your WiFi network's performance, WiFi solutions, and historical data directly in the app.


Tell us about your experience

Now that you've used the Tengo Network Manager App, we'd love your feedback.  Please share your comments, questions, and suggestions.


Sign up today

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Helpful information from FAQs

How do I get started on the Tengo Network Manager App?

We're currently in testing and development so if you haven't received an invitation, please join the waitlist here and we'll let you know as soon as the Tengo Manager App is available!

Why use the Tengo Network Manager App?

Managing a property often takes you away from your desk and now you're able to access information about your WiFi network wherever your day takes you.

Is everything in the Tengo Network Manager App accurate?

As much as we strive for excellence, we're human so sometimes we make mistakes.  Other times our systems may hiccup.  Just let us know if there's something that doesn't look accurate and we'll get it corrected!  Simply open a ticket in the Tengo Manager App.

I already have access to the testing version of the app and after updating, it's no longer working.  What should I do?

For iOS devices: Uninstall the app and then reinstall the app

For Android devices: Clear app data via settings on your device

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