April 2016 CEO Connect

Dear Tengo Family,

I hope this update finds you well!

We had a busy April, particularly with helping winter locations close and summer properties open. Personally, I attended the TACO & AZARVC shows and visited several customers to share our industry knowledge, WiFi trends and stay connected.

We have significant organization news! To help improve our service, culture, and scaling capabilities to meet customer needs, Gaylen Washington recently TengoInternet as our new Chief Operating Officer. Gaylen has excellent IT services, product development, organization development, and leadership skills. More importantly, he is a fantastic human being and will immediately impact the TengoInternet team. We are blessed by his addition to our team and look forward to you all getting to know him.

The picture I attached at the bottom of this newsletter is from a company event held at the San Antonio Missions baseball game; You have to love the jalapeno mascot!

Key thoughts for your consideration:

    “Great WiFi” Parks: Due to consumer demand, Woodalls has asked us to provide a list of “Great WiFi Parks” for its upcoming issue on WiFi. “Great WiFi” is defined as mobile-friendly WiFi networks which support video streaming. We are excited to share the names and stories of your investment in a great WiFi experience. Click Here if you would like to know your property’s scorecard.
    KOA Camping Trends on WiFi: “Expectations for WiFi are dramatically impacting campground selection.” If your are a KOA property and are interested in the turnkey WiFi program KOA is using in its corporate properties; Please Click Here, to learn more. This exciting program is also available for non-KOA properties!
    Grit: A recent article in Time addressed raising kids with grit. It was encouraging for me with Ericson and in its application with our employees – compliment effort, process, choices, respond positively to failure, help set goals, and teach a growth mindset in all aspects of life.
    Customer Net Promoter Scores: Thank you for participating; I receive all the scores & comments directly.
    WiFi Profiles: We began surveying attendees of trade shows on WiFi profiles to establish industry baselines on WiFi coverage, streaming capability and user fees. What we learned is offering a free WiFi is necessary for guest satisfaction but offering a paid version utilizing a tiered model is important to maximizing the full scope of your WiFi solution.
Currently, only 18% of those surveyed utilize their WiFi to the fullest! Click Here, to schedule a free consultation to learn how to maximize the return on your WiFi investment. See below for a chart of our findings:

Connecting you for Success. Guaranteed. That is our promise. This is what we strive for everyday and your feedback is invaluable to us. If we are not connecting you for success, please let me know so we can. Click Here to email me directly.

I hope to see or hear from you soon. Until next month, may God bless and favor you, your families, and your work.

With warm regards,

TengoInternet, Inc.

As I said above you have to love the Jalapeno! Ericson sure did.