February 2016 CEO Connect

Dear Tengo Family,

I hope this letter finds you well and into a great 2016 year. As I write this, I am currently on an early American Airlines flight to visit Phoenix area customers, and neither the Gogo in-flight WiFi or the coffee makers work… aargh! $6.50 for 30 minutes of WiFi & no streaming!

Some quick highlights for February:

  1. The new case ticketing system is currently on track, and I am excited that you will be experiencing its benefits in March.
  2. Due to your feedback, we began working on a project to improve the login/registration by providing a simplified and more streamlined experience for all devices. We will be sending out a survey for you guests shortly if your would like to provide feedback, click here.
  3. Customer Net Promoter Score (NPS): We’ll be relaunching this in March as part of our commitment to providing you the best service possible and for me to evaluate how successful I am as a CEO.

From my desk:

    WiFi in the News: The Deloitte Consumer Survey is out and here are the results:

      • 89% of consumers use their mobile devices while spending leisure time
      • 87% use mobile devices while watching television
      • 87% use mobile devices while having conversation with friends
      • 14% of consumers own wearable devices
      • Users aged 18-24 (millennials) check their phones 74 times a day!
      • The internet of things is on the rise, click here to learn more.
    Guest Expectations are accelerating: We continue to see fruit from asking a simple question. “What experience do you want your guests to receive?” The results have been informative, AB Camping, KOA-Corporate, Sun Communities, Sunland & leading independent properties have weighed in. From the feedback provided, Good Sam will be standardizing how WiFi is delivered within the industry. This will affect their ratings starting in 2017, if keeping your ratings is important, let’s talk.
    Future Technology: WiFi at 1/10,00th lower power can help your batteries go a long way! With this lower power, devices will last longer and allow for more devices that can support WiFi. Click here, to learn more.
    New Customer Highlights: The power and popularity of Ruckus is increasing. We deployed a 35 access point network at Rock Crusher Resort in Crystal River and have a 47 access point deployment in Wisconsin (see below for a picture of Shiloh enjoying sunny Wisconsin in February!). The City of Branson (MO), Santa Cruz KOA (CA), and Oakwood RV Resort (TX) are moving to this equipment standard in their recent upgrades.

Connecting you for Success. Guaranteed. That is our promise and what we strive to do in our service every day through your feedback and our management. If we are not connecting you for success, please let me know so we can (Click Here). I hope to see or hear from you soon.

Until next month, may God bless and favor you, your families, and your work.

Co-Founder | CEO
TengoInternet, Inc.

Shiloh enjoying a sunny winter day during a installation in Wisconsin. Four degrees and loving it!

Thank you Shiloh!